More Telephone Niche


SC Telephone Niche (before)

Before Image

Another telephone niche has surfaced recently in Rock Hill, South Carolina! A big shout-out to Kim Carter, who recently contacted me regarding her purchase of the telephone niche pictured here. It is very similar to Telephone Niches that I have previously posted on, with a few minor detail differences. Hers was purchased from a local antique dealer, and appears to be missing the front skirt panel below the telephone shelf proper.  Kim stripped off many layers of paint, applied a light layer of milk paint finish, and dressed it up with the candlestick telephone pictured, (which, I imagine was the original design inspiration for the niche’s arch) and voila-a treasure!  Thank you for sharing this Kim!

SC Telephone Niche 4

Niche after paint removal

SC Telephone Niche 2

Niche with Candlestick  Telephone