Antioch Rosenwald School Rehabilitation

Between 1912 and 1932, through a unique collaboration between Sears & Roebuck President  Julius Rosenwald  and Tuskegee Institute's Booker T. Washington, almost 5,000 wood frame school buildings were built throughout The South to provide education for African Americans. Continue reading

Deluxe Telephone Niche

About a month ago (October 2016) I received an inquiry from Karen Henderson, the owner of a 1925 Craftsman Bungalow  in the Denver area, regarding whether I had ever seen a phone niche with a fold-down seat and back. I assured her I had not, and she was kind enough to share photos of her unique, folding seat assembly recessed into a wall  cavity (between two studs),  creating an almost prototype home phone booth (very similar in concept to a built-in ironing board cabinet). Continue reading


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